The History of The Red Flannel Saddle Club

The history as passed on to Dennise Roesly by John DeMull one of the founding members during the 40th anniversary celebration

Horse people seem to "herd" together naturally, so it was no surprise when trail riders in the Cedar Springs / Sand Lake area began to get together in the 1950's for some fun. It soon grew to 40 or 50 riders riding locally, between Newaygo and White Cloud, eventually crossing the state. Making their own trails and routes, this group eventually became the Michigan Trail Riders Association of today.

Being interested in anything horsy, some of the people decided they wanted more than just trail riding and decided to provide horse shows, open to all, in addition to what the local 4-H program provided.

In December of 1961 they decided to form a horseman's club. The Founders Were Gene Calkins, Bob Christy, George Coval, Dick Coval, John DeMull, Elwood Larson and Dale McTavish. Of these gentlemen, Dick,Dale and John are with us today. There were Many active members who helped to grow the Organization, One of whom was Carl Moorehouse.

The first show was held at the DeMull Sale Barn in 1962 on Coan Road. Both Pleasure and speed were on the show bill and they had a large turnout, which they continued to enjoy for the next two years when they decide to lease the land on Egner Road from Sultan in 1963 and hold shows there.

In 1972 or 1973, the group was able to purchase the current property that the Red Flannel Saddle Club now Owns from a Mr Goulds for $250.00 per acre and the club had a permanent home.

Since the club has continued to grow in membership and provide area horse people with an organization that supports our sport and passion. Including Horses, 4-G, Michigan Interscholastic horsemanship Association ( High Scholl Equestrian Teams ), Speed and Pleasure series, and Clinics have found a home here. The club has an active history of Community service and member support.

People remark on the quality of our grounds and there modern facilities with a great Clubhouse / Cookshack and appreciate the opportunity to socialize with other horse people and to have fun with their families. Our members work hard to provide a pleasant attractive safe and constantly improving environment for our guests our families and ourselves.